Instructional Design Courses

Instructional Design Central (IDC) has curated a group of instructional design online courses and certifications. These instructional design courses target all levels of instructional designers from beginner, all the way to the very advanced. The instructional design courses range in topics from instructional design, LX design, learning theory, and eLearning. 
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Multiple organizations offer certificates in instructional design or eLearning development. Although an advanced degree in instructional design (MA, MS, PhD, etc.) is generally preferred by most employers, an instructional design certification or online courses can provide the necessary skills the get started in the industry. Below is a list of a few selected instructional design courses and certifications:

Instructional Design and Technology – edX (Micromasters Degree)

This Instructional Design and Technology MicroMasters program will provide the knowledge and skills needed to capitalize on one of the fastest growing areas of education – online teaching and learning. This program will prepare you to create engaging and active learning, using digital pedagogy, emerging technologies and data analytics. Learn more.

Instructional Design Courses –

Our instruction design training shows teachers how to implement the latest best practices for K–12 and college settings in their own classrooms. Learn to teach effectively with iPads, flip your classroom, and much more. Learn more.

Certified Instructional Designer/Developer Program – Langevin Learning Services

This hands-on program shows you how to design successful courses that are interactive, engaging, and lively. It gives you the core skills to accurately diagnose training needs and to create relevant courses that truly improve employee job performance. Learn how to apply Langevin’s proven 12-step design process to simplify your job, save you time, and consistently produce top-quality courses. Backed by over 35 years of instructional design experience and innovation, this program provides the highest level of certification in the training industry. Learn more.

ATD eLearning and Instructional Design Certificate

Invigorate your traditional instructional design with fresh e-learning techniques. Based on examples from organizations that have implemented successful virtual training, this program will provide you with the skills to develop individualized, asynchronous e-learning experiences that motivate learners to change their behavior. Learn to skillfully meet instructional design challenges in any industry and apply the principles of effective e-learning to individualized courses, tutorials, games, simulations and other e-learning modules... Learn more.

ATD Designing Learning Certificate
Discover all of the tools necessary to develop powerful, bottom-line focused training. Using a human performance improvement approach to instructional design, you will learn best practices for conducting a needs assessment, job/task analysis, and course design and development using templates exclusive to ATD. Leave with a structured step-by-step process that can be immediately applied to the development of your own training programs. Learn more.


ATD Master Instructional Designer Program
"Be properly prepared as the role of the instructional designer evolves and more is demanded of your talent and time. The ATD Master Instructional Designer Program covers the entire process of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning programs. In addition, this program explores new design models and techniques that align with emerging needs. The goal of the ATD Master Instructional Designer Program is to give you new approaches to instructional design with a focus on the latest and most effective techniques. Grounded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will help you master your professional capacity for instructional design." Learn more.


Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design: The George Washington University
"The graduate certificate in Instructional Design provides students from varied professional backgrounds with the foundational knowledge and skills required to design and develop effective instruction for delivery in either the classroom or numerous other learning formats." Learn more.