Danielle Levsky
Sep 11, 2018

Looking for a unique solution for an LMS


Hello! I’m an ID with a technology company within the multi-property management space. I have a specific question/concern regarding our very specific business model… and I was hoping to get some advice from the larger ID community.


Our company’s business model connects contractors with commercial businesses and residential homes to perform reactive, recurring, and preventative maintenance on those properties. Those vendors we source utilize our property management software to receive new work orders, manage each stage of the work orders. Submit quotes and invoices, etc. our software acts as a platform for those vendors to complete their jobs. Our business model has three components: (1) Customers (or people who we are contracted with in case of repairs), (2) Vendors (or 1099 contractors we source to do the work), and (3) Internal Employees (that help with customer service and operational duties).


An example of how all three parties work would be:


A Customer needs a job done and so uses our technology to create a work order. Then Our operations team dispatches that work order to a vendor, who then uses a portal to manage and complete said work order. The work is approved for quality by both our company and the customer. Finally, after everything is completed the vendor receives a check.

Currently, we’ve been training our vendors on our technology through Zoom hosted live webinars, job aids, videos, etc. However, how we track the information of who’s taking the learning, how complete, what retainment is very rudimentary, if even accessible. Essentially, all we do right now is take attendance for webinars. We use click rates for the files (PPTs, job aids, etc.) hosted on our portal, but that’s about it. We’re making efforts to create questions for our webinars that learners answers live, but we don’t have a way to track that and who is answering.


Our overall training team does use an LMS (SABA) for internal employee development, used primarily by our customer service representatives. So each internal employee has a profile on SABA, which tracks their courses, scores, development, etc. As you all know, there is a limit to how many users can be hosted on an LMS.


This is where our question lies: is there a way to track non-full time contractors (averaging rotating 3,500-7,000) that we work with so we can properly track and develop their learning progress?

Travis Jordan
Sep 13, 2018

Great question. Yes, you can definitely set up rotating part time contractors in your LMS. You may consider exploring a new licensing model that does not pay by user, but rather by active user. In other words, you only pay for those that login and take training during a given month vs. paying for ALL users. In other words, you only pay for what you use. This licensing model is nice for organizations that employ part time staff or contractors that do not login regularly.


As a side note, SABA is very expensive and may not provide this kind of flexibility. You may explore a cloud based LMS such as TalentLMS or Litmos. They are both very good LMS' that offer flexible and cost effective payment plans. Good luck!

Dec 6, 2018

Does anyone have any idea on SCORM compliance? How does it impact the LMS building process?

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