Apr 24, 2018

ID & Trainer Roles and Responsibilities

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My organization is currently revamping our visual design process. The classroom trainers and the instructional designers collaborate to create a blended approach to course design.


In the past, the trainers developed all material to be used in the classroom, while the ID team developed all online material. Now, we are going to be splitting up the development work differently. The instructional designers are now in charge of developing all visual content, including the slides to be used in classroom courses, any course handouts, and all elearning material. The trainers are going to focus on developing the hands-on elements of the classroom.


At your organizations, how do the classroom trainers effectively communicate with the ID team in order to make sure the course slides ID creates capture the information the instructors need for the classroom? 

Travis Jordan
Aug 19, 2018

I have always found that a good balance between trainers and IDs is important during the design and development process. They have different perspectives and it is important to collaborate and listen to both sides. For example, often times IDs are strong at visual design and the proper application of learning principles. On the flip side, trainers are often very strong at understanding their learners and what interactions help them stay motivated and succeed. Balance is the key.

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