About Us

Instructional Design Central

IDC was created to provide instructional design and learning design related professionals access to brilliant resources, tools, and content so that they can be successful in their career and education. Instructional Design Central (IDC) is also a vibrant community that connects over 20,000 instructional design related professionals around the globe in more 20 countries worldwide. Instructional Design Central (IDC) is a privately owned and operated company launched in 2006 out of Saratoga Springs Utah, in the shadows of Silicon Slopes.

Company Leadership

Travis Jordan,

Founder and Owner

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In 2006 Travis founded Instructional Design Central (IDC) with the primary intent to help budding learning professionals and students learn more about the industry, connect with others, and to discover useful resources. Today, IDC connects over 18,000 instructional design related professionals around the globe in more 20 countries worldwide. Travis has 15 years experience in the learning industry as an eLearning developer, instructional designer, project manager, consultant, training manager, and learning director. His experience has stretched across small business, large non-profit organizations, and higher education institutions. As a part of Travis' experience, he directed the learning function for two large organizations driving change to a global audience. Travis has a Masters of Science (MS), in Instructional Technology from Utah State University with an emphasis in online learning.