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Instructional Design
Foundations Course


Foundations Course

Instructional Design Foundations Course

Whether you are brand new to the field or you're an experienced pro, our Foundations course will help you create learning products that improve performance and make your learners smile! The interactive course starts with the basics and then moves towards more advanced topics by demonstrating how to practically apply instructional design. This 11-lesson instructional design course also provides access to premium templates that will help you create content faster.

Instructional Design Course Features


This instructional design course features 4 chapters and 11 lessons. Each of the lessons include videos, interactive activities, quizzes, reflection, and downloads.



Do you need rapid design and development templates? This course provides a starter toolkit with five instructional design templates ($35 value).



Need to download your learning content offline, we've got you covered! This instructional design course features downloadable and printable handouts at the end of each chapter. The handouts include key points and visuals from each lesson.



Want a responsive course that will be smooth as butter on mobile? This instructional design course is mobile-ready so that you can complete your course on a phone or tablet. 

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Ask the expert! This instructional design course features pre-built discussions by the instructor for each of the lessons. Learners can reply to these discussions and create their own threads.



Love videos? This instructional design course includes several engaging videos by your instructor Travis Jordan, Founder and Owner of IDC, demonstrating key principles of instructional design.

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Practice your learning! This instructional design course features interactive quizzes at the end of each lesson. Each question provides learner feedback to help enhance knowledge and retention. 



Interaction is the name of the game! This instructional design course features several interactive activities including challenge activities, quizzes, interactive hot spots, interactive slides and more.



Application in the real world is key to learning! This course provides opportunities for you to reflect on your learning experience and to apply it in your daily work. 



Certify your learning! This instructional design course features a 35-question final exam. Learners must achieve an 85% or higher in order to certify. You can share and print your certificate.

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Unlimited Access



IDC Enrolled Student

"This course was extremely practical and very well structured. It surely left me with many concrete and defined goals in my learning path as an ID! Thank you :)"

Course Testimonials

IDC Enrolled Student

"Throughout the training, the real, practical, examples were particularly helpful. The information was presented in a logical, approachable way, with a good amount of interactivity, and kept me interested!"

1,400+ course enrollments


IDC Enrolled Student

"I love how this course was put together. It was the right mix of media to reading. It was VERY informative and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to start their journey into the Instructional Design and Development field."

Course Curriculum

This instructional design course is packed with everything you need to know to be a great instructional designer! This interactive course starts with the basics by providing an overview of ID and the role of the instructional designer. The instructional design course then moves to more intermediate topics such learning theory and principles that act as the foundation for great instructional design. Lastly, the course wraps up by providing an overview of ID models, and offers practical tips and tools to apply instructional design.
5 Templates
Discussion Groups 

Course Benefits

There is no greater time to be an instructional design professional than right now! Whether you are brand new to the field or you're an experienced pro, IDC's Instructional Design Foundations course will help you succeed.This course will not only help you to be a better instructional designer, but also add credibility to your resume with a certificate from one of the top instructional design communities.


Increase your instructional design "know-how" so that you can be more effective and productive.


Add credibility with a valid certificate from Instructional Design Central, one of the top communities for ID pros.


Impress potential employers by adding this certification by Instructional Design Central to your resume.


Sharpen your instructional design skills by learning research proven methods to improve overall results.

Unlimited Access


Group Discounts

Are you a learning manager looking to enroll your team? We offer a group rate discount of an additional 15% off for organizations that enroll 4 or more learners. By enrolling as a group, you can also receive a custom link and progress reports specific to your organization. Complete the form below for any questions.

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