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IDC Needs Analysis App

Great learning design starts with a needs analysis; and it does not have to take forever! Our FREE needs analysis app allows learning professionals to rapidly create, publish, and share a beautiful learning needs analysis. The mobile app seamlessly guides instructional designers through a step by step process that ends with a beautiful needs analysis that can be exported and shared.

App Details

IDC's FREE needs analysis creator app allows you to create a learning needs analysis (aligned with industry standards) in 5-10 minutes. You can create unlimited need analysis projects, and then export and share in a PDF format. The needs analysis creator app is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.


"There is nothing else like this in the App Store. The user interface is clean and streamlined. It gives me everything I want in an instructional design app to quickly gather the needs of my audience and export a professional report for my team.”

-Jake, Developer

"Amazing app! The Needs Analysis app is my go-to resource to flesh out my thinking for learning strategies. The prompts and share-ability are a must. Thank you!”

-Jason, Designer/Author

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