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Job Title: UNR, Instructional Technologist

Organization: University of Nevada, Reno

Instructional Technologist:

The Instructional Technologist provides faculty training and support for specialized software packages to enhance online, hybrid and face-to-face instruction. The Instructional Technologist investigates and disseminates information on best practices for technology integration, sources of information on trends, and research and applications related to technology use in higher education. The position reports to the Assistant Director Instructional Design & Educational Technology

Comp Grade B: Instructional Technologist

40% - Instructional Software Training & Support

• Develop and deliver training sessions for faculty learning to use and integrate software into their courses
• Provide end user support and troubleshooting for supported instructional technology platforms
• Guide faculty in the creation of instructional video content, leveraging best practices
• Coach and support users in tools and software used to develop online courses, training modules, etc.
• Support specialized software packages available for instructional material development and course enhancement (e.g. Camtasia, Kaltura)
• Support faculty use of web conferencing software (i.e. Zoom, etc.)
• Support the use of the “studio” space(s) located in the Instructional Design suite

40% Communication & Materials

• Develop faculty resources, such as web and video tutorials, related to supported instructional technologies and best practices for their use
• Contribute content and materials for website for the Office of Digital Learning
• Design posters, flyers, postcards, etc. announcing workshops or other events
• Prepare and coordinate the distribution of instructional and promotional material for a variety of purposes, such as new student and faculty orientations and information fairs
• Manage and update information through a variety of electronic communication vehicles used by the department (WebCampus, website, e-mail, etc.)

10% - WebCampus Backup

• Provide backup support for the Learning Management System (LMS) as needed

• Run enrollment, course creation and user creation feeds when LMS administrator is out of office/unavailable

• Liaise with IT and non-departmental staff as needed in the event LMS administrator is unavailable
• Work with non-academic users of the LMS to create courses/organizations
• Establish and modify appropriate hierarchical structure for user needs/courses using LMS
• Answer support tickets and calls regarding LMS system

10% - Other University Activities & Duties

• Serve on University committees related to instructional technology, university web standards, accessibility, etc.
• Complete any required training & stay current on any updates/changes to campus systems (e.g. LMS, CMS, web conferencing)

Comp Grade B: Instructional Technologist



Bachelor's Degree

Two years of related work experience

Master's Degree

One year of related work experience

Related Experience:

• Instructional technology administration & support, teaching, online learning, higher education and software/technical training.

Certification and Licensure:

• None

Schedule or Travel Requirements:

• Schedule is Monday through Friday 8-5 generally.
• Minimal travel requirements.

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