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Job Title: Instructional Designer

Organization: UCode
Location: Hermosa Beach, California

"It is strange that we expect students to learn yet seldom teach them anything about learning. . . We sometimes require students to remember a considerable body of material, yet seldom teach them the art of memory. It is time that we make up for this lack, time that we developed the applied disciplines of learning ... and memory." - Norman, D. A. (1980) 36 years later...where are we now?


Learning strategies and memorization still remain fundamental pillars of success in academia, yet they're hardly ever taught in traditional education.


Our depart from tradition begins with our own carefully crafted memory training, training that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of memorization. Moreover, the nature of our startup allows us to transcend bureaucracy and implement changes rapidly. Of course, any changes we make are evidence based; we honor opinions, but evidence from research is the way we confirm effective instruction.


We approach learning like a science so that our kids can learn a science that we, as a company, truly cherish. Teaching kids as young as six and as old as nineteen requires scientific rigor, discipline, and a true sense of imagination, but when our instruction's a beautiful thing to admire.


Our Academic Department is small and undyingly passionate about serving the students of UCode. We are also here to serve each other and ourselves. We specifically dedicate a part of each day to developing our skills and improving our well being. If a position in our department speaks to your interests, then send us an application with a cover letter--include links to any research, programming, or academic projects you've participated in.


An Instructional Designer will:


  • Participate in regular book clubs centered on technology, education, and the process of learning

  • Participate in internal discussions related to online teaching practices, educational technology and emerging trends in computer science education - Expand Computer Science knowledge

  • Contribute to instructional design of new curriculum including development of a curriculum map

  • Review lesson scripts, assessments, activities, and associated content to ensure alignment with learning outcomes and appropriate scaffolding of concepts and skills

  • Review key concepts and skills learners are expected to acquire through the UCode curriculum

  • Support professional development related to teaching and learning for Center managers and instructors as needed by the Director of Academics.

  • Create assessment materials for an asynchronous e-learning platform (multiple choice questions, exercise prompts, and chapter tests)

  • Continuously refine communication skills--especially written communication skills




  • A relentless passion for education

  • A degree in Instructional Design is preferred

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience with programming is a plus

  • Voracious reading habits

  • Attention to detail such that minimal errors are produced in all areas of work

Apply here:

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