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15 Reasons to be Grateful as an Instructional Designer

Author: Travis Jordan

On this day of thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many wonderful things. At the top of this list is a sense of gratitude to be an instructional designer! Being an instructional designer is a unique job. We are the "jack of all trades" and expected to be an analyst, designer, architect, developer, trainer, and sometimes even a systems administrator. With that being said, I wouldn't change it for anything. This unique diversity is what makes the role of instructional designer so wonderful.

Below are the top 15 reasons why I am grateful to be an instructional designer:

  1. I love to learn.

  2. I sound really intelligent when I say "SME" or "MOOC" in a public setting.

  3. I'm really good at dissecting and simplifying complex things.

  4. I have two really good friends; ADDIE and SAM.

  5. I always have a defined goal before doing anything.

  6. I am curious by nature.

  7. I'm a "jack of all trades and a master at none" when it comes to media and technology.

  8. I know the difference between a formative and summative evaluation.

  9. I can create an amazing power point presentation!

  10. I am a great problem solver.

  11. I can tell you difference between cognitivism and constructivism with a straight face.

  12. I have a broad and diverse educational background.

  13. I can organize anything--I mean anything.

  14. I can smell a poorly written learning objective from a mile away.

  15. I love my job!

What are you most grateful for as an instructional designer?


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