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Top Five Learning Management Systems (Academic)

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

There are several Learning Management Systems (LMS) options for the academic across small colleges, K-12 schools, and large universities. LMS' allow educational institutions to easily manage students, track assignments and deliver course content and experiences. Annual costs for an LMS range anywhere from free $500,000 depending on your user base. Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) are cloud based and charge per user, per month. Below is a list of IDC's top ranked academic Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Canvas LMS

#1: Instructure Canvas Canvas Learning Management System is a terrific academia LMS that delivers a mobile-friendly, adaptable extended classroom learning experience. The user interface is designed with the teacher and administrator in mind. Canvas is quickly emerging as the top of it's class in the space of higher education Learning Management Systems.

Brightspace LMS

#2: Brightspace

Brightspace LMS is ranked #1 for next-gen online teaching and learning, according to Ovum. It delivers amazing an adaptive learning experience with comprehensive tracking and analytics. It is ideal for K-12 and Higher-Ed institutions. It also offers features for corporate learning environments as well. The new "Daylight" experience is a much improved user interface that should delight it's users.

Moodle LMS

#3: Moodle

Moodle is an open source, globally supported community driven LMS. It delivers online courses, quizzes, exams, and assignments. It is ideal for small to medium sized academic institutions on a smaller budget. Although it is free, it will require some level of administrative support to implement, integrate with commercial extensions, and support the system.

Blackboard LMS

#4: Blackboard

Blackboard LMS is a proven solution in the industry that continuously evolves to meet the needs of it's learners. It offers a full extended classroom experience. It is ideal for larger academia institutions who are looking for reliability and scalability. It can be somewhat pricey for smaller institutions, but offers reliability and power.

Digital Chalk LMS

#5: Digital Chalk

Digital Chalk LMS is a robust, flexible online training software with an excellent support team. It provides a learning experience for both academic and corporate organizations. Additionally, Digital Chalk LMS also provides the option to sell online learning courses.

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