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Top L&D Experts Reveal Winning Strategies for Training Remote Workers

Author: Ana Casic, TalentLMS

In a world of constant flux, the only certainty is change. Sometimes it comes slowly and steadily, while other times — as we’re experiencing right now — everything can change in the flick of a switch.

With workplace rules being reshaped and remote work becoming the new normal, professionals need to adapt to these new circumstances. To stay afloat and reach their usual productivity, they need additional resources which’ll help them navigate a remote work setting. 

A recent survey by TalentLMS found that 7 in 10 remote workers need more training from their companies. So, to help their distributed workforce keep up and thrive in times of uncertainty, companies need to provide thoughtful and engaging training.

And now comes the best part. 

We curated a list with the most influential learning and development experts worldwide. Whether instructional designers, learning architects, or LX designers, they’re the workplace learning specialists; training adults online is in their wheelhouse. So, we asked them for actionable advice and practical tips on how companies can make the most out of their remote training

If you want your remote employees to get engaged, learn better, and remember longer, hear their advice.

Connie Malamed — Let people shine by helping them become self-directed learners Tim Slade — Don’t try to recreate the in-person experience in an online environment Stella Collins — Imagine your learning audience and ‘talk’ to them as if you’re together Brian Washburn — Ask questions and run online polls Ashley Chiasson — Chunk learning into small pieces Crystal Warren — Create a “micro lessons” library Christy Tucker — Use scenarios with characters your learners can relate to Anna Sabramowicz — Engage learners with a story and let them influence its outcome Travis Jordan — Practice makes perfect Allison Rossett — Give learners guidance on what to do and how to do it Marina Arshavskiy — Use quizzes, exercises, group discussions, and real-life simulation See full article here on TalentLMS


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